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To suit machines:

  • 12 - 20 tonne


PneuVibe Compactor Plates

For a wide range of applications

The PneuVibe Compactor plates provide a safe and effective method to compact soil. Whether you’re working in a narrow trench or have a large backfill operation or compacting around tanks, the PneuVibe Compactor range has a solution.


PneuVibe compactor plates reach out to compact backfill in unshored trenches without dangering workers and save you time as it completes the compaction job faster and cleaner than workers using hand-held machines.


The Pneuvibe Compactor plates can also be modified to drive posts - sheet piling and with a frame be used to compact either side of large pipes.

Simple to connect and operate

PneuVibe compactor plate can be simply connected to your machine’s existing hydraulics whether your machine is a small backhoe or a large crawler excavator. If you have existing hydraulic hammer piping on your machine connecting the compactor plate is even easier. 


Operating is simple as the vibration produced by the rotating eccentric combined with the down pressure of the carrier generates impulse force to be placed wherever your boom will reach.